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Veg-Fresh Farms onions

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third most consumed fresh veggie

From the center of the plate to the garnish, onions add layers of flavor, color, and texture to an array of different dishes. Explore how you can creatively add onions to your next salad or burger.

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For food service concepts looking to streamline their supply chain, Veg-Fresh Farms network solution will deliver fresh fast
Network Distribution

Our years of experience with food service contracts and our national distribution network promises to deliver the freshest product in the shortest timeframe, while providing great tasting produce

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Every day our owners are on the front line of purchasing and are personally involved in the day-to-day operations. We built our foundation on understanding the needs of Food Service Operators on all levels and delivering on our promises

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Food Safety

Priority number one, our reputation is your reputation. Continuous training, monitoring, and auditing keeps Veg-Fresh current with Food Safety standards and best practices

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priority number one

Training, continuing education, and staying on top of the latest scientific research is what drives our commitment to our Food Safety Program

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